FOOTBALL .... Even if you don't care about the game at all, getting family and friends together for game day is a great excuse to make all of your favorite guilty pleasure snacks! Here is my party planand a few tried and true recipes to make your own game day party easy!


The good news is, people always love it when someone else cooks for them. If you’re ambitious, make everything from scratch. Or you can buy it. Or you can do what I do—a little of both.

Start with a cheese board. I'd even go old school and crank out a cheese ball. (They're making a comeback, did you know?) People love them. Add cured meats, pate, radish, and cornichons. People love to chat and graze and a cheese board makes that so easy. Three to four cheeses is enough if you’re serving other food. Offer a big baguette or loaf of freshly baked bread; cheap and filling if you’re on a budget.

Chips and dip is the number one item people crave for the big game. Break out your best dip recipe or use one of mine. Charred Onion Dip with Baked Pita Chips or Chunky Blue Cheese Dip you can serve with crackers, chips, or veggies.

Wings. In fact, more than 1.23 billion wings will likely be eaten during Super Bowl weekend. Get them from your favorite restaurant or try my spicy, glazed baked Diablo Chicken Wings.  So easy, so good. The cool blue cheese dip is the perfect compliment.

Anything in the shape of a football. Have you seen Pinterest? Pinners have gone football crazy. Shape your food like a football and everyone will ooh and ah over it, no matter what it is.

Chili Cheese Empanadas are fast, even if you make the pastry from scratch. Brown onion and ground beef. Stir in tomato paste and cook for 2 minutes. Remove from the heat. Add chili seasonings, cheese, and allow to cool.. Stuff it all in a pastry crust. Bake according to crust instructions.

Serve withmarinara -make my quick marinara- or buy one at the store. You can also serve with a fresh tomato salsa.


If you are like me, you have totally forgotten decorations at least one time in your life. Luckily, I had remembered pretty napkins so I was able to come up with a quick backup plan. Simply pinch the napkin in the center and twist, securing with tape. Make at least six and secure them with floral wire. You can make a loop or a hook and hang them with a string, rope, or piece of twine.

Use brown craft paper to cover items like this can, creating a football theme. Use paper or tape for the white laces. If you use a tin can like I did, be sure to cover the cut edge with brown paper to keep guests from cutting themselves. I didn’t have craft paper so I used an old grocery bag. The project was essentially free.

A green chenille rug or bath mat (especially handy if you’re serving drinks on ice) can make a football field. All you need is some white electrician’s tape and some stick on numbers to turn it into a football field table runner. This project cost under $10.  

Ready? Get those friends on the phone and invite them over. We got this!

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