Have some holes in your family photo album?

If you do and you’re looking for something fun to do with your family and holiday house guests the day after the big day, why not plan a family photo swap party? While sitting around the TV to watch the big game is tradition for the adults, it’s not much fun for the kids. It’s essential to have some activities planned so the kids don’t get bored and cranky. A family photo swap is a fun way to keep the kids busy while the adults talk about good times and reminisce about family history. Each sibling or family member can bring their pictures to be scanned and printed to share with the others. Even mom’s best handwritten recipes can be scanned so everyone has a copy and you don’t lose them. 

Set up card tables for the kids so they can create their own mini albums or crafts using the printed copies. This is also a great party to host for class reunions, childhood friends, sorority sisters, or the gang from the old neighborhood.


  1. Tell your guests to bring their own photo albums, scrapbooks, and favorite family photos to share.
  2. Hit the craft stores when there is a big sale to scoop up extra frames and supplies to have on hand. Get glue dots, photo corners and scrapbook stickers, etc.
  3. Have plenty of USB flash drives available. If guests save scanned images to a flash drive, they will have for future use.
  4. Make sure your printer is working well and get extra printing cartridges.
  5. Keep the menu simple. Set up a buffet so guests can serve themselves. 
  6. Cover tables with brown kraft paper or white butcher paper to prevent stains and damage.
  7. Set up several work stations for scanning, printing, and assembly.
  8. Let the kids make their own books with pictures important to them.
  9. Invite older relatives to come and relate the “back stories” behind the photos so the kids can learn about the family’s past, heritage, and your memories are passed along to the next generation.


Make-ahead recipes like soup are easy to make and easy to serve. Make up one or two soups before the holiday and reheat in a Crockpot or large pot on the stove right before party time. Serve with sandwich halves or warm crusty bread.

Reliving old memories and making new ones… my kind of holiday fun!