We did this adorable cotton candy tree and candy table for my sweet friend Kristina’s wedding and it has been the most shared PIN I’ve had on Pinterest. What a fun idea for a wedding reception, a birthday party or centerpiece for a candy bar or candy table buffet for any occasion: anniversaries, baby showers, graduation parties, sweet sixteen parties, Quinceañera or even school parties for Easter or Valentine’s Day parties. Since you can find or make cotton candy in almost any color, it is a great way to tie a color scheme to your party theme.

Martie Duncan Make a Cotton Candy Tree


Decide on a color for the candy. You can readily find cotton candy in lots of colors- even at the dollar store and Wal-Mart. Kristina’s wedding colors were blue and green so she opted for blue cotton candy. There are lots of online stores for cotton candy with tons of colors and cheaper prices if you have the time to order. You can always make your own cotton candy but you’ll need to use it quickly; it will not hold more than a day before it begins to shrink and  sort of melt. If the weather is very humid, you’ll need to use it immediately.

Get tiny glycine envelopes or plastic treat bags from the party store or hobby store. Make up labels with your name, monogram, or a photo and affix them to the bag. Oriental Trading Company has the clear mini-treat bags $1.99 for two dozen.

You’ll need a tree branch for the arrangement. A manzanita branch works well. I got branches from the yard… but hobby or floral supply stores have several different types if you don’t happen to have a yard.

Secure the branches in a tall vase. You’ll need something to really weight it down. The “trunk” part of the branch needs to be pretty long if you are going to use a tall vase. We used river rock in the base for weight and filled the vase with water so it was very heavy. Be sure to push the tree to the center of the table so children will not be tempted to pull on it. You should not use a glass container if the party is for kids. Use a plastic vase or a sand pail filled with sand (add a little water to wet the sand for weight) for a kids party.

Tie the bags of cotton candy to the tree with matching ribbon. We also tied several pairs of mini craft (not pointy) scissors to the tree so guests could snip the cotton candy. To make sure the centerpiece tied in with the other wedding decor, I clustered some Hydrangea in wedding colors around the top of the vase.

Under the cotton candy tree, we put glass bowls, cylinders, and vases filled with different candies along with mini Chinese take-out boxes so guests could take home a treat from the couple. Easter candy is out so now would be a good time to find an assortment in the stores… but the day after Easter, all of the left-over candy will be 1/2 off so stock up for your next party or wedding.