Let me guess. Like many couples who have just gotten engaged, you've been bombarded with questions about your wedding plans. Where, when and most importantly, what kind of wedding you are planning. Most newly engaged couples have never planned a major party or special event; their wedding will be their first. They have no idea where to start with planning or even have an idea about the style of wedding they want. Even if they have some idea about the degree of formality and number of guests, what comes next is a complete question mark. Answer the questions below and you’ll have some idea about the type of wedding your personal style defines.


Take out a pen and jot down the answer that best describes you. When you are finished, you will have a description of the wedding you want to plan!

1. When you close your eyes, what do you envision for your wedding?

a.   outdoor, casual setting

b.   beach

c.   hotel or ballroom

d.   country club

e.   hip loft

f.    historic setting or city landmark

g.   alternative venue

h.   no idea


2. How would you describe your personal style?

a.   hip, cool

b.   traditional, conservative

c.   bohemian, hippie

d.   eclectic, diverse

e.   modern, sleek

f.    sophisticated, elegant

g.   dramatic diva

h.   country, casual

i.    other

j.    don’t know         


3. What is the one thing that is a must for your wedding?

a.   a unique space, something different than my recently married friends had

b.   completely delicious and unforgettable food

c.   incredible entertainment that makes the party happen

d.   film quality video and magazine quality photos

e.   a to-die-for couture gown for my big day

f.    flowers and décor that make your guests gasp when they enter the room

g.   a cake that people talk about for years

h.   something else

i.    don’t know


4. How would you want your décor to look?

a.   hot, bright and fun: hot pinks, bright greens, orange

b.   cool, calm and serene: aqua, brown, white, turquoise

c.   traditional: pinks and spring flowers

d.   all white

e.   seasonal: Autumn, spring, winter

f.    pretty and soft: feminine colors and lacy touches

g.   striking and bold: red, black, metallics, brown 

h.   follow a theme: farm, summer, 4th of July, beach, etc

i.    over the top and elaborate: use your imagination

j.    funky: Chinese lanterns, lots of pillows, colorful linens

k.   trendy: mood lighting, fabric drapes, conversation pits, etc

l.    highly styled: massive flower arrangements, each element coordinated

m.  monochromatic: one color theme throughout

n.   no muss, no fuss- like no effort was made: long banquet tables, lots of candles 

o.   something else

p.   no idea


5. I would want our food to be

a.   buffet style with lots of choices

b.   seated and served by waiters

c.   passed and served

d.   interactive stations

e.   champagne and dessert only

f.    a combination of these

g.   something else

h.   don’t know


6. I want our party to be

a.   an all out bash, dancing ‘til they throw us out

b.   elegant and timeless

c.   fun for all ages

d.   piano bar style

e.   big band

f.    orchestra

g.   wedding band

h.   just classical background type

i.    interactive DJ with games

j.    club DJ with hip tunes

k.   a combination of these

l.    something else

m.  don’t know


7. I want my guests to remember

a.   our personal touches, the sentiment and how special the day was to us

b.   the rock star party we threw

c.   how fantastic I looked

d.   our “Dancing with the Stars” moves during our first dance

e.   all the details and planning that went into every moment

f.    how much fun we had

g.   all of the above!

If you wrote down your answers, you should have a better idea of what you really want (affording it all is a different story) for your own wedding day.

For example, if your answers are 1. a, 2. a, 3. c, 4. b, 5. a, 6. j, 7. f, the description of your wedding would be: an ultra cool and trendy outdoor party decorated in aqua, turquoise, brown and white with an amazing band that played until the wee hours where our guests dined on multiple choices of food and beverages and everyone can’t stop talking about how much fun it was!

Now fill in the blanks to create a “mission statement” for your own wedding!