2015... it came and flew by like the wind!

It's never a shock to review my website traffic and find that Southern recipes- especially the old-school classics that we all remember from days gone by at the top of the list. I am always overwhelmed and so happy when I get messages from someone telling me they've made one of my recipes but I'm especially thrilled when they tell me it refreshes some childhood memory of a special holiday or occasion. That just makes my day and lets me know that I'm doing what I'm supposed to be doing! Here are my TOP RECIPES for 2015. If you have not tried these, please put them on your list.


A Southern classic. Timeless. Perfect for any celebration. It would make my mother so proud to know people have loved and shared her recipe and that it tops the list as most shared, downloaded, and viewed recipe for 2015! Get the recipe...

BUTTERNUT SQUASH SOUP: Creamy with a sweet and savory flavor. A hint of maple and a dash of cayenne make it an annual best recipe.

CITRUS PICKLED SHRIMP: From my Food Network Star pilot, so many people who've made this recipe now include it in their own celebrations!

HAM DELIGHTS: One of my all-time party favorites from way back when. An oldie but a goodie. RECIPE

LIMONCELLO: If you've ever traveled to Italy, you've undoubtedly experienced the lemony deliciousness of Limoncello. Here's how to make it at home! RECIPE

MINT SWEET TEA: A lovely variation of a Southern classic sweet tea using a mint simply syrup. RECIPE

MOM'S LOST POUND CAKE: With a hint of almond flavor, this pound cake is the best ever and it has a great story to go with the recipe. RECIPE

PECAN DIVINITY: An old school Southern classic recipe that almost all of us remember from childhood but few want to tackle. The recipe makes it easy! RECIPE

SHRIMP & SAUSAGE GUMBO: Probably the recipe most associated with Southern food, this one is a sure hit for any celebration. RECIPE

SOUTHERN FRIED CHICKEN: Another classic I learned standing beside my mother in her kitchen, this former Sunday standard is making a comeback! RECIPE

CAST IRON SKILLET STEAKS: The very best way to make a steak-you may never cook one on the grill again. RECIPE

SUNDAY POT ROAST: Another family favorite and one we had every other Sunday growing up. An easy and affordable recipe that tastes like home to me. RECIPE

WICKED DEVILED EGGS: A classic Southern deviled egg recipe with a kick from Wickles pickle relish and a dash of cayenne. RECIPE