I've been so negligent in posting this month! April is so busy in the garden and the yard. We had a ton of rain- which is great but with that, we now have a ton of weeds, some now as high as my head. They got the jump on me and now I'm playing catch up. I have spent the entire week bush-hogging the back 40 and I have not had time to cook one single thing. When my mom didn't want to cook, which was not often, she would sometimes make breakfast for supper: eggs or pancakes or maybe waffles on special occasions. Sometimes, she would make pigs in a blanket. They were fast. easy, and even my youngest brother liked hot dogs.

Mom would cut the hot dogs down the middle, put a little cheddar cheese inside and wrap them in a piece of white bread spread with spicy mustard and some ketchup, held together with a toothpick. She'd toast them in the oven until the cheese melted and the bread toasted. Boy those were so good! Sometimes, she'd crumble some bacon on top or add some grilled onions for my dad. I haven't had one since I was a kid but when I saw that today was National Pig In a Blanket Day, I felt like I just had to post something to celebrate this simple comfort food from childhood that really sounds pretty good right about now!

This is how most of us make pigs in a blanket these days... simply wrap the pig of choice in some ready made dough and bake.

pigs in a blanket

I made these little guilty pleasures with spicy smoked sausages and crescent roll dough. They are hard to resist! Simply bake according to the package directions for the rolls. The sausages are pre-cooked. Serve with some spicy brown mustard or grainy Dijon mixed with a little honey.  Oh, and Happy National Pig in a Blanket Day from my little friend.

Happy National Pig in a Blanket Day!